reigning hypocrisy

Sometimes you sit and wonder where it all went wrong. How did you end up in a world where the weak get kicked and the strong find arms that lift them to greater heights. Where the hooligans are named heroes and the truthful troublemakers. You look around and see a culture that is overwrought with maintaining the status quo..with protecting the egos of those that have no backbone to support their insecurities, but find the voice to weaken those around them. A culture that has us convinced (most of us), that respect is a one way street and it doesn’t need to be earned; it is inherited and passed on to you based on your status, age or sex.

You witness a jangled chaos of injustice and  hypocrisy that you can sense from a mile away. But the closer you are to it the more you begin to give in and give up. Because every time you speak up or speak out about what’s wrong or right, you’re labelled argumentative or loud.Because if you’re the voice of reason, the spineless ones with all the power will feel threatened and shut you down before you can catch your breath.

So you shrink back and decide this is not worth the fight. You do this day in and day out, eventually crawling into a space of your life where there is no hypocrisy. Where people say and do what they mean and mean and do what they say. Where blue isn’t the colour of the bruises your mind has suffered from watching and hearing the hypocrisy..where “yes” isn’t synonymous to “you owe me now” and where “no” doesn’t mean you’re arrogant and self righteous. Within this safe space you try to find some solace. Quickly you realise there’s no such thing. You’re now pretending to care about things that don’t really matter to you..making decisions to appease people who seem to have more control over your life than you’ve ever had yourself! Eventually you conclude there’s no escaping it…every where you turn there’s a double standard waiting to be broken down..but what if you’re just too tired to fight?

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